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Ew...David! Chemical Stress in the Home

Environmental Stress


When I think about environmental stress, I typically picture industrial cities with lots of traffic and pollution.  And while that’s certainly environmental stress to be aware of, its often out of our control.  So I like to look at ways that I can help support my family’s toxic load at home and with the foods and products we consume.

Today is Step 3 and 4 in how to combat Mom Stress…

STEP 3: Water does a body good!4

How are you fueling your body?  Your body is made up of mostly water…not lattes, iced coffee, sodas, or even herbal teas.  But WATER!  

Not only is water consumption important for hydration but it helps with the detoxification process in our bodies, helps reduce headaches, keeps our joints plump and more!

Drink half your body weight in water (preferably filtered) each day.  No life hack here!  “But Dr. Jen I don’t like plain water!”  There’s a couple of really great ways to help with that.  First, a simple squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt in your water is an option.  It helps flavor the water, and the sea salt helps deliver important minerals to the body.  Electrolyte mixes that are low in added sugar, like LMNT, Liquid IV are good, and they also help ensure you are getting necessary minerals with your water.  But focus on drinking unflavored water most of the day.  Personally, I like my water to be ice cold, and occasionally on a cold winter day, might have a couple mugs of hot water with lemon as well.  Still water is better than carbonated too.

Oh, and you will have to run to the bathroom more frequently as your bladder stretches and adapts.  Go back to yesterday’s Step and use that time to stretch before sitting back down to work!  ;)


5STEP 4: Product switcheroo!

If you are already on a low-tox journey, you may have made some of these easy swaps already. If you are just getting started, here’s a couple of great places to start.

When I started to look into the products we were using in our homes, from body and skin care to household products, I was OVERWHELMED to say the least!  I thought I had to throw everything away and buy all new!  This was definitely the wrong way to think.  Switching out products is probably one of the easiest ways to limit your stress.


  • Check out the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 for a simple guide of where to make the organic choices for your family.
  • Shop the “health food” section.  You can often find cleaner and less processed options for your (and your kids) favorite snacks.  
  • Use an app to help decipher labels and find lower toxin products.  Here’s a list of great ones! (My favorite are Think Dirty and EWG Healthy Living apps)

Make the swap!  If the thought of tossing all of your cleaning products to replace with low-tox products makes you cringe, simply start researching some amazing low-tox products so you are ready when its time to replenish your supplies!  I love Revive Essential Oils Immunity Boost Concentrated cleaner to use on my floors and in a spray bottle as an all purpose cleaner (its their version of the Theives or OnGuard cleaner).  Swap out fabric softener sheets for wool dryer balls scented with your favorite essential oils.  Plain white vinegar in the liquid fabric softener dispenser is also a great swap.  

Synthetic fragrances are one of the most toxic compounds we have in our homes.  Yes, this unfortunately includes your favorite candles and air fresheners.  Essential oils are an excellent way to keep your home smelling nice, and reducing the toxic load.  I really love Revive Essential Oils and they have some great blends to put in the diffusers!

When it comes to making these changes, just like everything else we’ve covered so far, small steps make the biggest impact!  Make one change at a time and soon you will be a low-toxin pro!

Let us know if you have any other questions about swaps you can make in your home to reduce the chemical stress in your and your family’s lives.  Hit us up on the chat!

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