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What is Going On With Our Children: The Perfect Storm

What is the Perfect Storm?

No, I’m not talking about the movie from 2000 with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.  :)

I became a mom 5.5 years ago when my daughter, Emma, was born.  As a first time mom, worry sets in about if she is “normal” and doing everything she should be doing as she grows and develops.  When you become a parent, you begin to notice what other parents are talking about, from how their child is eating, how their child is sleeping, the milestones they are hitting, and we start to compare our own children to those conversations.  As I talked with other parents on social media and in my practice, I started to notice trends.  More and more parents were talking about how unwell their children were.

shutterstock_233134342Normal or Common?

Daily, I see conversations on social media, and hear them in the grocery store about the vast number of children that are unwell.  Infants at 2 weeks old being placed on aggressive medications for “reflux”; exhausted moms talking about their colicky baby that just won’t breastfeed, won’t sleep, and can’t poop; families weighing the option of putting their one year old on yet another round of antibiotics or should they go forward with the invasive procedure of tubes.  Toddlers undergoing surgery to remove essential parts of their bodies with tonsillectomies; and preschool aged kids being placed on strong steroids due to asthma and seasonal allergies.  Not to mention as kids get older, the more aggressive their treatments become.  What is happening?  Why is this becoming the “normal” state of our children’s health?

In Our Day

Take a moment, and think back to when we were in elementary school.  We can all remember the 1 or 2 kids in our entire school that had asthma, or were on Ritalin for behavior concerns.  Our moms never had to worry about what we brought for lunch or snack, because no one was allergic to anything.  We had one teacher in the special needs room to teach the 2-3 kids with special needs, rather than the growing numbers of teachers and associates devoted to the growing number of children with special needs in our schools each year.

shutterstock_268132268 (2)Today, the statistics are staggering:

1 in 10 kids suffer from asthma

1 in 9 kids diagnosed with ADHD (1 in 7 in Iowa)

1 in 68 kids diagnosed with ASD

69% of kids are exposed to antibiotics before the age of 2

And the list could go on and on….

Here’s What We Know…

These statistics have become the “normal” for our society.  But they SHOULDN’T be.  They shouldn’t even be common occurrences.  This is where The Perfect Storm comes in.  The Perfect Storm is a term used in the pediatric chiropractic profession, and more specifically, those of us trained in the Epic Pediatrics program, to describe the WHY behind these statistics.  The Perfect Storm is a cumulative combination of physical, chemical, and emotional stressors that lead to a sympathetic (also known as fight or flight) stress response that becomes stuck leading to and causing symptoms, ie difficulty nursing, difficulty pooping, reflux/colic, ear infections, asthma, behavioral concerns, etc, etc.

Dis-Ease CycleThe word in the middle of our picture, subluxation, is a term used by chiropractors to describe the result of these stressors.  It has 3 components, Misalignment of a specific vertebrae, Fixation/loss of normal movement of that vertebrae, and subsequent Stress/Interference to the communication between brain and body, leading to errors in organization and efficiency of the nervous system.

Bruce Lipton, PhD, a biologist, states, “The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells.” 

When there is interference in the brain’s ability to process its environment, then this function decreases and leads to our bodies being unwell, sick, and full of dysfunction.  We live our lives through our nervous system,; smell, sight, taste, sound, touch, as well as control of all the organs, tissues, and glands.  The nervous system is the first system to form in utero.  When you mess with the spine, you mess with the nervous system.


I could go on and on with this post, but instead, I will invite you to our upcoming workshop, The Perfect Storm: Maximizing Your Child’s Potential Toward Wellness.  Visit the event page here, and register to save one of the limited seats.  We will dive further into The Perfect Storm, discuss the common physical, checmical, and emotional stressors our families encounter every day that contribute to The Perfect Storm and finally, we will discuss exactly how you can maximize your family’s health and wellness right away.  I promise this will be information you have never heard from your ob/gyn, pediatrician, or any other healthcare provider.  I hope you can make it!

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