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Balance Chiropractic at Sacred Health, Des Moines

Dr. Jen is excited to be partnering with Sacred Health, in Des Moines, to offer prenatal, postpartum, and infant care at this satellite location.

Dr. Jen was drawn to Sacred Health because of the collective of providers within the space, including massage therapy, midwifery services, yoga, mental health services, acupuncture and more. Sacred Health, Des Moines, is a Movement Studio and Holistic Provider Collective providing Evidence Based Alternative Wellness Services focusing on reproduction and child bearing families, chronic pain and disorders, and those with a history of Trauma.

Balance Chiropractic maintains the same level of personalized care to patients at the Sacred Health location, including providing each patient with a thorough examination, Insight Scans, and custom care plan recommendation. Learn more about What to Expect

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Dr. Jen is available by appointment only between 10am – 2pm on Fridays.

Balance Chiropractic at Sacred Health, Des Moines | (515) 255-5330