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New Patient Reviews:

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Caring & Understanding

i have a chronic pelvic problem that started with my first pregnancy. Dr. Jen has done a great job at helping keep my pain level low. shes is caring and understanding.
she has been caring for my first son since he was 8 days old and will also be seeing our second son when he arrives.
her staff is polite and they take the time to answer any questions we have.
as a former chiro assistant at a different office I am impressed with her office.  ~ Emily L.

Never Felt So Welcome!

I started coming to Balance when I was 36 weeks pregnant. I have been going three times a week since (for the last month) and have genuinely never felt so welcome and cared for at a chiropractic office! Not only do I love walking into smiling faces, but my visits are quick, effective and my kids can come along! I actually think my kids enjoy coming more than I do, because they get to play with all of the toys!  ~Amanda B.

More Than Just the Adjustment!

Can’t say enough great things about this place! It’s more than just a Chiropractic adjustment. It’s a place where you can feel like part of a group that cares about your well being other than just your body. My newborn and I go for an adjustment each week. Dr. Jen is awesome!   ~Amanda D.

Great Pediatric Chiropractor!

I started taking my 2 children to Dr Jen about a month ago. My 5 month old had reflux and sleep issues. My 2 yr old had lots of growing pains in her legs that were waking her up at night. We have been going twice weekly for a month now. My 2 yr old has only woken up once with growing pains since going. We’ve also been able to cut back on my son’s reflux meds by half! He also has started sleeping much better. My 2 yr old wakes up in the morning and ask of its a Dr Jen day. Dr Jen is great with my little ones. She explains things well and is very knowledgeable. I’d recommend her to any one looking for a great pediatric chiropractor. She’s the best.  ~Amelia Y.

Gentle & Patient

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jen since 2014 when I was pregnant with my first. I specifically sought her out because of her special training and certification to treat pregnant women and young children. I’ve seen her through both my pregnancies and have also taken both of my boys to see her on a regular basis since birth. She’s always happy to answer questions when asked. Dr. Jen has been gentle and patient with my kids. I know regular adjustments have been a major part of why my pregnancies have been so comfortable. Scheduling with them is a breeze and customer service is excellent.  ~Ashley M.

Always Feel Welcome!

Not only do you get quality services and outstanding customer service, but I always learn something new each week! My questions are addressed promptly and everything is explained before treatments begin. I always feel welcome entering and that all my needs were met leaving!  ~A.P.

Keeping Us Healthy!

Started seeing Dr. Jen while pregnant and experiencing discomfort in my hips, the adjustments worked wonders and helped me sleep better. Post pregnancy, she continues to keep me healthy (after all, carrying a baby around is hard work). My little man also starting seeing Dr. Jen at just a week old and is a happy baby.  ~Stacie L.

Wonderful & Friendly Staff!

Dr Jen has done wonders for my husband’s overall health. She runs a wonderful business with friendly staff. Since seeing her, my husband’s  back and arm issues have subsided considerably…all without medication! Love that she suggests/uses alternative methods for wellness instead of meds.  ~April M.

Amazing Experience

There was an ease to making the first appointment. The front desk office manager was so helpful and knowledgeable about the services provided. The actual first appointment was helpful. I gained a lot of background knowledge and did not feel pressured in committing to services. Overall an amazing experience. ~Amy P.